2019 Conference Breakout Session 9

Getting Paid: Addressing Reimbursement Issues When Hippotherapy is Included in the Treatment Plan
There is a fundamental lack of understanding about reimbursement protocols when hippotherapy is included in therapy sessions. This presentation will offer instructional content and resources on dealing with reimbursement issues for treating therapy professionals who incorporate hippotherapy into their clinical practice.

Learning Objectives:

• Differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate terminology related to hippotherapy as a treatment tool/ strategy appearing in marketing materials and clinical documentation that may lead to claim denials.

• Identify 3 common errors made when billing/codding therapy services where hippotherapy has been incorporated into the treatment plan.

• Describe the basic procedure for submitting and arguing a successful appeal to a denied claim where hippotherapy has been incorporated as one of the treatment tools/ strategies within the therapy session

Ruth Dismuke- Blakely, MS/CCC-SLP, HPCS is a speech/ language pathologist and professional horsewoman involved in using hippotherapy since 1978. She operates Skyline Therapy Services; an outpatient clinic specializing in the trans disciplinary applications of equine movement in PT, OT and ST.Ruth has published research and articles, presented at numerous conferences and workshops and has taught internationally. She served on the Board of Directors of the American Hippotherapy Association, was 2nd V-President of AHA, helped develop the AHA curriculum, is an AHA Faculty Coordinator and currently serves as Chair of the Reimbursement Committee where she offers 36 years of experience in operating under a private practice model. Ruth is a former AHA Therapist of the Year. She served on the AHCB Board for 10 years, helping to design the Hippotherapy Specialty Exam, is an AHCB Clinical Specialist and is regarded as a leader in the field of hippotherapy as a treatment tool.

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