2019 AHA, Inc. Conference Videos

Advances in Motor Learning: Applying what we know in the “field”- Keynote Presentation by Mike Studer. 


Keynote Panel Talk


Equine Biomechanics- Rhonda A. Rathgeber  


Nutrition Inside Out- Principles of nutrition with particular emphasis on balance of nutrients and nutritional issues commonly encountered in therapy horses - Dr. John Lew


Conditioning the Therapy Horse- Dr. Martha Rodgers


Healing Our Horses: The Masterson Method® and Other Bodywork Techniques- Linda Frease & Megan Dushin


Equine Rehabilitation…(We are like people too).-Jane Burrows


Using Hippotherapy as an Integrated Treatment Strategy to Support Feeding- E. Jeanni Bonine 


EMR: Electronic Medical Record or Essential Management Resource- Susie Rehr


Who, What, How? Mental Health Professionals and the Inclusion of Horses in Psychotherapy (and Why this Matters to OT, PT and SLP Providers)- Nina Ekholm Fry, MSSc., CCTP


It's All About the Base - Balls, Bands, and Equine Movement Integration Ideas for Pelvic Floor Activation- Dr. Samantha Hatfield


Clinical Reasoning- Lori Garone & Bonnie Cunningham


Current State of Scientific Evidence on Hippotherapy: A Systematic Mapping Review- Wendy Wood & Beth Fields


Effective Implementation of Equine Movement as a Treatment Tool in Speech/Language Therapy- Neita Ann Miller


Getting Paid: Addressing Reimbursement Issues When Hippotherapy is Included in the Treatment Plan - Ruth Dismuke-Blakely


Out of the Classroom and Into the Arena: Identifying and Strengthening the Building Blocks of Foundational Literacy to Improve Academic Participation- Leah Van Antwerp


Dispelling the Myths: Postural Response to Equine Movement- Susie Rehr & Jane Burrows


Research Projects

The Effect of Hippotherapy on Sensory Processing, Social Interaction, and Behavior among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Multiple-Case Study- Glen S. Cotton & Ciara Fitzpatrick & Rachel Gascoigne

Occupational Therapy Incorporating Hippotherapy and Other Treatment Techniques for Children with Autism: A Multiplebaseline Single Case Experimental Design- B Caitlin Peters

Using the PEDI-CAT to Highlight Improvements Following 6 Months of Physical Therapy with Hippotherapy in Children with Functional Movement Impairments- Susan Conroy & Erin O'Mahony & Patricia Evans 





Course Details

2019 AHA, Inc. Conference Video Bundle
Keynote Presentation- Mike Studer
Keynote Panel
Equine Biomechanics- Rhonda Rathgeber
Nutrition Inside Out- Dr. John Lew
Conditioning the Therapy Horse- Martha Rodgers
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Breakout Session 2
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