The course is equivalent to 4 days total instruction- the first day of the course consists of this online learning module which is approximately 4 1/2 hours of study to be completed prior to the first day of the three days of in-person instruction. This online study consists of foundational information required for an understanding of the principles of Hippotherapy. 

1. Introduction and Welcome
Introduction and Welcome PowerPoint
Introduction Manual Support Materials
Review for History and Principles
2. Human Systems
Human Systems Powerpoint
Human Systems Manual Support
Review for Human Systems
3. Equine Knowledge
Equine Knowledge Powerpoint
Equine Knowledge Manual Support
Review for Equine Knowledge
4. Patient Evaluations
Patient Evaluations Powerpoint
Patient Evaluatoins Manual Support
Review for Patient Evaluations
5. Equipment Options for Patient and Horse
Equipment Options Powerpoint
Equipment Options Manual Support
Review for Equipment Options
6. Facility Requirements
Facility Requirements Powerpoint
Facility Requirements Manual Support
Review for Facility Requirements
7. Basics of Professional Practice
Basics of Professional Practice Powerpoint
Basics of Professional Practice Manual Support
Review for Basics of Professional Practice
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